Do Something Good With Your Superpowers


This sculpture represents my current lineup of pets.  My wife, Tammy, and I have five—three dogs and two cats.  The dogs were strays and the cats were adopted.

The dogs!  Tanner is the main dog in the sculpture.  He’s a big mixed breed dog that weighs in at 96 pounds.  Tanner has been with us since 2012.  Sadie is a corgi.  She is the dog with no tail in the sculpture. One day when I came home from work she was in the yard.  I gave her food and water but she wouldn’t let me get any closer than 40 foot before she would start to walk off.  The next day when I came home it was raining hard and as soon as I opened the car door Sadie was in my lap and soaking wet.  Sadie has been with us since 2014.  Casey is a beagle.  Tammy and I stopped by a Casey’s convenience store in Aurora, MO.  A young beagle was walking around the parking lot.  We were afraid he may get run over so I gave the clerk our contact information just in case someone came looking for him.  Casey has been with us since 2015.

The cats!  Olivia is the cat sitting on Tanner’s head.  We adopted her from the Southwest Missouri Humane Society in 2017.  It took a couple of months for the dogs to get used to her.  Tammy thought Olivia needed a play partner so we got another cat from a friend of a friend in 2019.  We asked for a female kitten and named the kitten Holly.  The funny thing is that we later learned that Holly is a male.  I think we are going to keep the name Holly though.  Holly is the smaller cat hanging onto Olivia’s tail in the sculpture.

The height of this sculpture 8 feet and the width is 40 inches.

Do Something Good With Your Superpowers was a part of St. Joseph Sculpture Walk in St. Joseph, MO from 2021-2022. It received 3rd place in their show. It was on display at Tie & Timber Beer Co. in Springfield, MO through Sculpture Walk Springfield from 2020-2021.